Policies and Procedures

Below you will find the following Policies and Procedures of the Office of Internal Audit

Mission Statement / Strategic Objective

The City of Boise’s Office of Internal Audit will function as an independent, objective assurance and consulting service.  The Office, through its on -going actions, will strive to add value and improve the organization’s operations by bringing to bear a systematic and disciplined approach to the evaluation of risk management processes, activity-level controls, and governance processes.  

The Office of Internal Audit will achieve its goals and objectives through the conduct of a series of planned review and assessment activities that will include the following areas:

  • The effectiveness of controls that provide for the protection and safeguarding of organization assets
  • The reliability of the organization’s financial information
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes
  • The organization’s level of compliance with internal policies and procedures; and with laws, rules, and regulations

Emphasis will be placed, and resources will be allocated based on perceived or demonstrated areas of risk.  Open and effective channels of communication will be maintained in order to ensure that the appropriate managers, governance authorities, and ultimately the citizens of the City of Boise are kept informed of audit-related activities and findings.

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Engagement Plan

Internal Audit will engage in the following activities in order to accomplish its stated mission and strategic objectives:

  • Internal Audit is an assurance and consulting function, the activities of which are conducted on an independent and objective basis.  It is designed to add value and improve the organization’s operations by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to the evaluation of control, risk management, and governance processes within the organization.
  • Internal Audit will strive to contribute to successful operations by providing the City Council with information that enables that body to fulfill its responsibilities for control, governance, and the achievement of organization objectives.  
  • Internal Audit will create and execute a formal regime of audits and reviews that is approved by the Audit Committee and/or the City Council.  
  • Approved audits and reviews will evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the systems of control within the organization, the quality and success of its ongoing operations, and the organization’s compliance with internal standards, and with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.   
  • Continuous auditing protocols may be utilized for areas where the potential for added value is present as a result of adopting those methodologies.
  • Areas subject to review include the reliability and integrity of financial information; compliance with policies, rules, laws and regulations; the safeguarding of assets; the economical and efficient use of resources; and the attainment of goals and objectives.  
  • The imposition of any scope, activity, or access restrictions on the Internal Audit function will be promptly communicated to the City Council or the Audit Committee.
  • Internal Audit will promote and maintain an environment that provides for both growth and advancement for staff.  Internal Auditors will be provided with appropriate opportunities for training, recognition, and reward in keeping with their contribution to the achievement of the organization’s objectives; and in keeping with the level of responsibility assumed, and the corresponding value of service-contribution to the entity.
  • Internal Audit will be provided the authority to review all aspects of the organization’s operations, and will correspondingly respect that right.  Internal Audit will be provided full access to all relevant records, property and personnel.   
  • Auditors will be objective in their work, and will be free from functional or operational responsibility for operations or activities. 

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Audit Standards

Audit Procedures